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Day 7 - Trek to Chame (2670m) - 7hrs

Day Description

Today we climb up to Tyanja (2360m) from where we continue through the forest near the river to Kopar (2590m). As we reach Chame, the headquarters of the Manang district, we are rewarded by fine views of Annapurna II. This town has two hot springs where you can soak and relax yourselves from the trekking so far.


Another morning of waking to the sound of the raging river outside at 6am. We packed our stuff up ready to go and went downstairs to the restaurant for breakfast. Breakfast was at 7:00am and we headed off on the road by 7:30am.

It was a slow up hill trudge following the road, but now even more trekkers have joined us. Our guide said that many people drive to Dharapani and start their journey from there. Others continue the drive to Manang. It’s a dangerous way to do the trek.

While on the trail I continue to do high altitude breath exercise. Read my previous blog to see what to try.

Finally we get to walk on the actual trail and off the road. The only down side it’s all up hill. We ascended 400 metres within an hour. It was long but not tiring. Slow and steady we go.

As we reached the top we looked around us to see the snow capped peaks of some of the highest mountains in the world.

Spectacular view after a mighty uphill climb.

We had lunch at the top at 10:30am with the stunning outlook over the valley. Today I tried out the Veggie and Egg Spring Rolls. They were very nice. But probably not the best thing to have before continuing to trek up hill.

We continued the follow the road, heading towards our destination of Chame. The road has more water crossing, because we love getting our shoes wet and lots of mud. Since the day was very overcast the road wasn’t so hot.

As we came to our finally approach to Chame, dad and I got pulled up at the check point for not checking in. Since we have a guide he has all the paperwork and he and our porter were walking ahead of us by about 50 meters. We weren’t able to pass, our guide hadn’t checked us in. What do we do? We sit and wait for them to come back for us. On his arrival back to the check point, our guide was the laughing stock for forgetting to check us in. A simple mistake I guess.

We arrived into Chame at 2:30pm just as the heavens opened. This is the second day in a row this has happened.

Tonight we are in a large cottage style room with the raging river below us again. I can’t wait to get away from the river to sleep better.

Since we have all afternoon dad and I headed to the restaurant to write up our diaries, order a hot chocolate and apple pancake, as apple pie isn’t on the menu.

The rest of the afternoon was spent napping in our room.

At dinner tonight it was a completely full restaurant. We being the only English speaker people there, most of the other from all over Europe. When the rest of the world goes to travel through Europe, Europe travels to Nepal, or so it seems.

Tonight I had another interpretation of a mushroom soup while dad had fried rice, the best part was the tomato sauce he put on he said.

Tomorrow we have a long 6 to 7 hour day, at dads pace, to get to lower Pisang.

Still no rest day.


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