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Day 8 - Trek to Lower Pisang (3200m) - 6hrs

Day Description:

This day starts with a trek through a deep forest in a steep and narrow valley and crossing a river via a long bridge (2910m). Soon we cross another bridge (3040m) from there the view of the soaring Paungda Danda’s rock face really begins to appear. From there the trail joins to climb to Pisang, which sprawls between (3200m) and (3300m).


Last nights sleep was another horrible. I just couldn’t get comfortable. With dad getting up to pee a million time, the raging river drowning out all other sounds and the cold temperature, it just wasn’t my night.

We woke at 5am and just laid in bed until 6:30am, no point in getting up before then as breakfast wasn’t till 7am and we would just be waiting.

Cold Morning Wake Up

The coldest morning wake up so far and I can see why now

As we opened the door of our freezer box cottage we see why it’s so cold. Towering over the village is Lamjung Himalaya (6983m). The blinding white of the snowy peak was amazing.

We went to yet another pack restaurant for breakfast where we had the usual. Muesli and porridge.

We set off on the road again at 7:30am. Most of today will be uphill. We have to trekking from 2670m to 3200m. Not a great feet but we will get there.

The road was long and dusty. Not so hot today as there is a breeze up which is keeping the temperature down. About an hour in we crossed a bridge and got onto a long winding uphill trail through the steep pine forest with spectacular views up the valley.

As the top started the level out we came into an apple orchard, Himalayan Apple (Bhratang 2850m). I’m personally not a fan of red apples but these apples are a cross between a Granny Smith with the crunch but they don’t have the sour taste. A very touristy location, most people stop to support the local business.

After a short snack we hit the trail to head towards our lunch destination. The trail lead us through more pine forest and then opens up to a spectacular view of Annapurna II. We walked along under the unusual rock formation. The Swargadwari Danda formation is so unusual it looks like it’s been made and smoothed by man.

View from lunch at Swargadwari Danda

It was around the corner from this we had lunch. We had a perfect view of Swargadwari Danda and Annapurna II. Like most mountains this high up, Annapurna II was covered in cloud for most the time, only gave us a brief glimpse of its top when the clouds part.

Today we had an extra long lunch as we are only 1.5hrs from our night destination. Today I had veggie and egg momo while dad inhaled an egg omelette.

View from the dusty dirty road as we walked through pine forest

After lunch was finished we hit the dusty road and followed it through a wide flat valley. It didn’t help that we had lots of vehicles coming past kicking up dust. But with face mask in hand we trudged on.

We finally turned the corner into Pisang. Pisang is split into lower and upper. We stayed in Lower Pisang as we didn’t see the need in walking up the hill to only come straight back down the following morning.

After arriving dad and I unpacked some of our stuff and headed to the restaurant for an apple pie, as dad’s been busting for one all day.

We ordered lunch and had the rest of the afternoon to ourselves.

Dinner was at 6:30pm. Mushroom soup for me and dad had Dal Bhat, which is a traditional local meal full of carbs carbs and carbs, small amount of steamed vegetables, curry potatoes, rice and chickpea soup.

Tomorrow will be a short walking day, only about 4 to 5 hours. Our next stop we will have 2 nights to acclimatise and rest.


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