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Day 9 - Trek to Brayanga (3475m) - 4.5hrs

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Today we continue our trek through the drier upper part of Manang district, cut off from the full effect of the monsoon by the Annapurna Range. People of this region herd yaks and raise crops for a part of the year. When we leave Pisang there are alternate trails from the north and the south of the Marsyangdi river which meets up again at Mungji. The southern route by Hongde, with its airstrip (3325m), involves less climbing than the northern route via Ghyaru, though there are better views on the trail that follows the northern bank of the river. From Mungji, the trail continues past the picturesque but partially hidden village of Bryanga (3475m).


The night sleep wasn’t amazing as the temperature now is very cold at night. Even with an additional thick blanket to cover me. Plus waking to tell father to turn over as he was snoring, not that it would have bothered other trekkers as we were the only 2 staying in the tea house.

Dad warming up around the kitchen fire

This morning is the coldest we have woken up to so far. There was no way I wanted to get out of bed, but the trekking must so on.

Altitude sickness hasn’t gotten to me yet. But the signs of constant blood clogs in my noses has started to appear. There isn’t much you can do about it except blow it out. Our guide has started to get headaches but he isn’t complaining. I have seen other trekkers holding there heads with throbbing headaches. That’s the thing with altitude you don’t know who it’s going to affect and how. The only way I’ve found to help prevent it is using Diamox. 1 full tablet twice a day. You need a proscription from your local doctor for a small packet of 100. Start 2 days before heading into high altitude areas and continue to take them at least 1 to 2 days after you have completed. The only solution for altitude sickness, if you happen to get it, is go low. Return to a lower altitude and wait a day or two before continuing, if you can’t seek help. Always ensure your travel insurance covers the type of trekking you are doing.

7am. Dad and I head down to the restaurant to have breakfast, nothing has changed. We are still eating the same each day.

The captivating views that surround this little valley are amazing. The sun begins to rise and shine its rays onto a white peaks above.

The morning sun rays hitting mountains

Today’s road walk is only short 4-5 hours depending on dad’s pace. But the road will be hot and dusty as we received zero rain overnight.

There isn’t all that much to say about walking along a dirty road. We seem to see more cars and bikes past us and frequently hear, and see, helicopters fly past over head to rescue someone up the valley.

It was only within the last our of the walk we past some of the most amazing landscapes. White mountain rangers towering above forest of pine trees. You can see the separation were the tree can’t grow any higher.

Spectacular mountain views

View up river from a bridge crossing

View of the mountains while yaks graze in the fields below

A bridge crossing with an unbeatable view

We arrived at our guest house at 12pm in time for lunch. It’s a very upmarket guest house we a huge European bathroom, huge rooms and a laundry service, which we used as our clothes were starting to get on the nose.

The menu for lunch was very limited compared to what we are used to. Dad had an omelette and I tried out the egg and cheese sandwich, which surprisingly was amazing. It also included fresh tomato and lettuce, you miss the small things in life up here.

Breathtaking view from our bedroom window

After lunch we took the rest of the afternoon to rest and recoup in the stunning sun that warmed up our bedroom with a picture prefect window outlook to the beautiful Ganggapurna Peak.

We went to dinner at 6:30pm. Tonight we treated ourselves to a burger each. Mine was potato patty, lettuce, tomato and cheese on a milk bun and dad had a veggie patty, potato and garlic patty with lettuce, tomato and cheese on a milk bun. Both came with a side of hot fresh cut potato fries.

Tomorrow is a rest and acclimatisation day. We will be doing a short 4 hour trip to an ice lake which sits at 4600m.


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