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How To Effectively Manage A Team

• Know what motivates each individual employee

• Learn your employees’ strengths and weaknesses and utilise them for mutual benefit.

• Encourage their strengths and develop their weaknesses within future strengths

• Create an open and honest working relationship.

• Create a work environment in which your employee feels comfortable and confident to be open and productive.

• Encourage & support career progression offering avenues within the business for employees to grow.

In many sales driven businesses that are operated by sales people, the concept of employee management is not a priority. This lack of vision leads to unhappy employees and closed off work relationships.

My personal strategy to effectively manage a team is to do my best to understand everyone’s role & responsibilities; their strengths and how they can be empowered to use these strengths to benefit the business.

When managing a small team take the time to read their resume. Know their professional background and skill sets. Ask questions. If you take the time and show an interest it will build rapport faster with that employee and they will appreciate your interest in them as an individual. This creates a sense of belonging to the employee which will lead to a greater commitment to the company.

Micro management doesn’t work!

If you believe you need to micro manage an employee, think to yourself ‘is this the best use of my time’? For those managers who feel the need to micro manage their teams you need to think to yourself ‘how do my employees feel? Is this really motivating them or resulting in the change I need?’

Most employees don’t like to be micro-managed. The perception is that their employer does not trust them to do their job, that they are inadequate at your job or that your employer has nothing better to do with their time. It’s not a nice feeling. It is better to have a manager with an open-door policy when you need them instead of having a manager that is micro-managing.

From a Manager’s point of view, if you need to dedicate constant time to ensure an employee is doing their work correctly then perhaps a better use of time would be to determine whether that employee is best suited to that role. Take the time to find out why they aren’t doing their work to meet your standards. Can you develop a weakness to support a strength? Sometimes it is worth the effort to development an employee’s potential then to start over again with a new employee.

Show leadership within your team.

It’s important as a manager to keep open communication about business activities and important updates with your employees. Block out 1 hour a week to have a team meeting to go over project updates, concerns, delegate projects and share achievements.

The key to a positive working environment with a motivated team is that you have fun while at work. Not everyone is the same. Allow people to play to their strengths, improve their weaknesses and find out what motivates your people and use this to your benefit.

Be the leader of your team not a dictator.

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