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Don't suffer from jet lag on your next trip.

When travelling international, the hardest thing is the jet lag. When you arrive at your destination, the last thing you want to suffer from is jet lag and miss out on experiencing the amazing culture you have arrived in.

"We have a natural rhythm to our bodies, and it's pretty well set," says Dr Vivek Jain, director of the George Washington University's Center for Sleep Disorders. "Airlines are starting to adjust when long flights take off to try to match those, but it'll never be perfect."

Here are a few tips on how you can try and overcome your jetlag and enjoy your holiday more:

Keep it dark:

Blocking out light is key to getting shut-eye on the plane. If your destination is several hours ahead or behind, wear sunglasses until you're ready to snooze, then strap on a sleeping mask. When your brain senses darkness, it starts to produce melatonin, the chemical that initiates sleep. Use whatever tools you can to make your trip comfortable and silent. Add noise-cancelling headphones or foam earplugs to set the stage for slumber.

Fly by night:

Try to book a flight that lands in the daytime, since getting out into sunlight helps reset your body clock. "It jump-starts you much more quickly," says Luxembourg-based sleep coach Christine Hansen.

Stay Healthy:

If it's morning or early afternoon when your plane lands, a jolt of caffeine can help you acclimatize. So can eating a meal at the standard time in your destination. The critical thing to do is to fight the urge to sleep until it's bedtime in your destination.

Prepare for it:

You can minimize jet lag by adjusting your bedtime, light exposure, and caffeine intake a few days before your trip.

Sleep on it:

Taking melatonin, which is also made naturally by the body, can help you doze off in the air or in a new time zone. Melatonin is available over the counter, but experts recommend consulting your health care provider before use. Unlike a prescription sleep drug, it won't sedate you for hours—for better or worse.

During the flight:

Hydrate. Throughout the flight continue to keep my body hydrated with water.

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