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Travel Hacks and Tips 2019

Pack your shoes with a shower cap

When packing shoes, wrap them in a shower cap to stop your clothes getting dirty.

You can also drop in a couple of those extra hotel room tea bags to keep them smelling fresh.

Wrap shirts and undies into an easy sock bundle

When packing for an overnight stay, you can make a handy clothes bundle to save space.

Just fold your underwear into a T-shirt, before laying some socks on top and rolling it up.

You can then tuck this into your socks to make a self-contained, compact bundle — also known as the “overnight burrito”.

I recommend purchasing travel bags for your suitcase to separate your clothes and helps with keeping your clothes neat and tidy inside your suitcase.

Put your phone in a plastic bag to watch shows on the plane

The free plastic bags given for your liquids at the airport can be used again for your mobile phone.

With some flights no longer having in-flight entertainment, your phone can be used instead.

Put it into the bag and clip to the tray table to watch programs hands-free.

Take an empty water bottle through security

While bottles containing liquids over 100ml are banned from being taken through security, empty water bottles are fine.

You can then fill it up on the other side, without having to fork out for a new bottle at airport prices.

There is even a handy website that reveals which airports have free water fountains and where they can be found. When on the plane as our flight attendant to fill up your bottle. Stay hydrated.

Turn the inflight aircon on or off?

Most people turn the aircon vents off. I like to have a slight breeze throughout the flight. This does dry your skin out, so I always take a misting spray. Whether it is an international or domestic flight, take care of your skin.

Stay Clean

When travelling, be sure to take a hand sanitiser. When travelling to an international destination, most are not as clean as your home country. I clean before and after eating and after shaking any hands. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Never enough power sockets

A hand tip is to travel with small powerboard. We live in a world that requires items to be charged every day. Camera batteries, mobile phones, tablets, computers. When arriving in hotels, most of the time, powerpoints are hard to find, or there is only one for you to access.

That's when a powerboard and a local power plug converter comes in if you don't want to purchase a travel powerboard.

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