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What's Your Marketing Method?

When looking to create a marketing campaign, you don’t want to get into the habit of creating a cookie cutter formula. It’s important to look at each campaign as a different opportunity and to appreciate that not every campaign will work in print or social media.

Step 1.

Understand your brand, demographic, client and overall purpose or desired outcome of your campaign.

Always ensure that how and where you are advertising reflect your brand and what it stands for.

Understand your demographic and the best ways to reach them.

If you’re working for a client, understand how they want their brand represented and what they believe works for them. You may not necessarily agree but you will come to understand the boundaries you can push your client.

And finally, what is the desired outcome you are trying to active from your campaign? Is it brand exposure, generate sale leads, market products?

Once you get a full understanding what the brief is , by asking lots of questions, you will be able to structure a campaign to best suit their needs.

Step 2.

Research. Research. Research.

Many believe that creating a campaign is easy and ‘anyone can do it’ and in some cases it can be a lot harder than you think.

For example, when you’re creating a campaign for a new off the plan apartment in a declining market and the area for your project already has an over supply. How do you stand out from the rest? How do you show the value over other projects?

Think outside the box. Research your competitors. What are they doing? Where aren’t they advertising? Who are they trying to reach? How are trying trying to reach them?

Step 3.

You do not know everything.

When creating a campaign talk to other people around you in your office to get their opinion and view on your proposal before presenting it to your client. They may come up with questions, around your proposal that your client might also bring up and you will be a little more prepared.

Reach out to your suppliers to see if they are able to assist you with any relevant up-to-date information that could be useful for your pitch presentation and/or your marketing proposal. It could be a new product that has just come to market that you weren't aware of that could make your client/brand stand out from the rest.

Step 4.

Implement your plan.

Once you have everything timelined and the budget signed off, action your plan as scheduled. Remember that a true indication whether your campaign is working or not will start to become apparent within the first month. not the first few days.

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